Geophysics Researchers

The wide variety of research in Geophysics at the University of Alberta includes both fundamental and more applied geophysical science projects. Current research focuses on the field of geophysical data processing, theoretical and applied seismology, earthquake studies, geodynamics, geomagnetism and paleomagnetism, magnetotellurics, environmental geophysics, geothermal energy, climatology and planetary geophysics.

Currie, Claire

Lithosphere structure and mantle dynamics, evolution of convergent plate margins, continental tectonics, numerical modeling.

Dumberry, Mathieu

Earth and planetary magnetic fields, Earth's rotation and gravitational field, archaeomagnetism, global geodynamics and planetary dynamics, dynamo theory.

Gu, Jeff

Lithosphere structure and mantle dynamics. Seismic velocity, reflectivity and anisotropy of the Earth's mantle.

Heimpel, Moritz

Lithosphere structure and mantle dynamics, zonal winds of gas and ice giants, magnetohydrodynamics of planetary fluid cores.

Kravchinsky, Vadim

Paleomagnetism, petromagnetism, paleoclimate, environmrntal magnetism, magnetostratigraphy, tectonophysics.

Potter, David

Magnetic properties, rock-physics, properties of sediments, development of the petromagnetic method applications in industry.

Sacchi, Mauricio

Statistical and transform methods for seismic data processing, waveform imaging and inversion in applied and global seismology.

Schmitt, Doug

Rock-physics and mechanics with an emphasis on field, borehole, and laboratory measurements. Scientific drilling, surface seismic, geophysical logging, and stress measurements.

Sutherland, Bruce

Laboratory experiments, numerical simulations and mathematical theory describing atmospheric and oceanic flows with applications to weather, climate, the environment and industry.

Unsworth, Martyn

Electromagnetic geophysics, plate tectonics, volcanology, geothermal energy, environmental geophysics.

van der Baan, Mirko

Signal processing, microseismicity and seismic wave propagation in anisotropic media.